Terms & Conditions


All baggage and personal belongings are carried at owner’s risk and the Company will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage except where such loss or damage is caused by the proven negligence of the Company’s employees. May we draw your attention to the fact that soft suitcases are more susceptible to damage without any negligence on the part of our staff. You must keep to one medium sized suitcase per person (max weight 18kg/40lb). We reserve the right to refuse to carry suitcases which exceed the weight limit either on departure or due to additional purchases during travel, we may ask you to remove any excess weight. No dangerous, contaminatory or pressurised items can be carried, and you must declare to us any items you feel might fall into this category. Should any purchases made whilst on tour cause your amount of luggage permissible to be exceeded, the driver/courier can refuse to carry the excess. If at any time you are in doubt please seek advice from the driver/courier.


Requests for particular seats can be made on most holidays when booking, but since allocations are made on a first come first served basis, early booking is advisable. There is a seating plan of the coach for each holiday, but it is possible that on occasion, for operational reasons, a coach of different configuration may be used and we must, therefore, reserve the right to alter a seating plan and allocate seats other than those you have booked, although this will be avoided as far as possible. In this eventuality the replacement coach will be of executive standard, (air conditioning and toilet facilities). We shall have no liability in relation to any such change of specification. On occasion it is necessary to move passengers seat numbers in order to fully utilise the seating on the coach. In this event you will be informed beforehand, and wherever possible passengers travelling in groups will be kept together. Specific seats will not be allocated on coaches which operate on feeder services between joining points and main holiday departure points, on coaches which carry out transfers to and from air and seaports, or on optional daily tours.


Passengers occupying single seats are liable to have their allocated seat number changed, to maximise utilisation of seating available, should the need arise any time prior to departure. No compensation is payable in the event of such action.


Passengers may only be picked up at the joining points stated in the brochure and it is your responsibility to ensure that you are there by the time stated on your Travel Details, which will be sent to you approximately one week prior to departure. The Company accepts no liability for late arrivals who miss the coach, which must depart on time for the convenience of the other passengers. Naturally where such a wide variety of pick up points is served, feeder vehicles or taxis are sometimes involved to take you to the nearest practical point to meet the main coach.


The holidays in this brochure have been carefully planned to include as much of interest as possible. Inevitably some of the holidays include lengthy periods of travel and some walking on sightseeing excursions. Additionally, many of the hotels will have steps to contend with and may not possess lifts, and although we will try our very best to look after disabled passengers, it is important that you notify us of your disability, by entering the word DISABLED in block letters in the special requirements section of the Booking Form or by passing this information to our Reservations Office when booking. A questionnaire will then be issued, which must be completed and returned to us immediately. We will make every effort to minimise any discomfort or inconvenience, but for obvious reasons are unable to make any guarantees. Folding wheelchairs/motorised chairs can only be carried by prior arrangement.


There is usually a limited number of ground or low floor rooms available, and requests for this accommodation must be made in the “Special Requirements” section of the booking form, but this type of accommodation cannot be guaranteed. If lifts are available at a hotel the facility will be shown on the holiday page.


Rooms are specified at the time of booking, and a confirmation is issued showing the type of room which has been reserved, ie double, twin, single, triple. In the event of unavailability of double rooms it may be necessary to allocate a twin. On continental holidays a twin room will often consist of a large base with two separate mattresses, and a triple room will often consist of two beds and a foldaway or bunk bed. Bookings for rooms with private facilities will be deemed to be effected by the provision of either bath & WC or shower & WC. Our liability for the provision of extra facilities for which a supplement is paid shall be limited to the brochure price of that supplement. When a single room is available it will be subject to a supplementary charge and this will be shown on the brochure page.


If you have any special requests these should be notified on the booking form at the time of booking and we will endeavour to forward these but regret that such special requests cannot be guaranteed. Requests for specific rooms or positions of rooms or for particular private facilities remain requests and cannot under any circumstances be guaranteed nor shall we accept any liability for any failure to provide a special request. Requests made directly to hotels will not be considered.


If you require a special diet you must inform us at the time of booking with a copy of the diet. This will be notified to the hotel or hotels on your holiday but on certain tours the hotels used are tourist class and whilst offering value for money within the price range, they may not have the full facilities to cope with special diets. Any extra costs incurred must be paid to the hotel by yourself before departure from the hotel.


Some hotels arrange additional entertainment which could include music, dancing, film shows, bingo etc. Entertainment offered by hotels is indicated in the hotel description on the holiday page. The nature and frequency of the entertainment presented is at the discretion of the hotel and therefore not guaranteed and could be withdrawn if there is a lack of demand or insufficient numbers in the hotel. Should the normal location of the entertainment be required by the hotel for an alternative function we reserve the right to transfer clients to another hotel or location for any specific entertainment.


Please remember that our brochures are produced months in advance of your holiday, and whilst every care is taken to ensure that everything is correct, occasionally changes do occur. We therefore stress the importance of checking all details, including price, before booking your holiday.


If you are thinking of taking children on any of our holidays, please mention this at the time of booking, and we will be pleased to check the suitability. Children aged 16 years and under must be accompanied by an adult. Children aged 17 years can travel on our holidays with the written consent of a parent or guardian. Children of 3 years and under are only permitted on Disneyland Resort Paris, Legoland and Theme Park Weekends.


Occasionally it may be necessary to change the itineraries due to attraction availability, opening times, as a result of adverse weather conditions or customer satisfaction.


If the tour itinerary cannot be fulfilled as planned due to inclement weather conditions we will endeavour to provide a suitable alternative, and regret that under such circumstances, no refunds can be made. The decision to change the itinerary in this case will be at the Company’s/Drivers discretion and their judgement will be final.


For your security and piece of mind, all tours in the brochure are covered under our ABTA bond. Our ABTA number is V5535, for further information please visit the ABTA website at www.abta.com.


On holiday you may not:

  1. Bring a pet or any other animal (other than Guide Dogs in the UK only, and only by prior arrangement)
  2. Play a radio, personal stereo or cassette player on the coach unless personal headphones are used.
  3. Smoke at any time on the coach.
  4. Have a mobile telephone switched on whilst on board the coach Cairngorm Travel reserves the unconditional right to refuse a booking or terminate a client’s holiday in the event of unreasonable conduct which in Cairngorm Travel’s opinion is likely to cause damage, distress, danger or annoyance to other clients, employees, property, or to any third party. If you are prevented from travelling or continuing your holiday by such termination, Cairngorm Travel’s responsibility for your holiday thereupon ceases. Full cancellation charges will apply, and Cairngorm Travel will be under no obligation for any refund, compensation or loss which you may incur.


Under normal circumstances most Western European countries do not require visitors to be vaccinated. However, we will indicate any known vaccination or other health requirements where possible for each country visited. You are advised to check with you own doctor before travelling.


We accept responsibility for ensuring that all component parts of your holiday as described in this brochure are supplied to you to a reasonable standard and this includes Optional Excursions purchased through our employees or agents. If any such part is not provided in the advertised manner, we will pay you reasonable compensation unless the non-provision was due to circumstances which we could not predict and which were beyond our control such as mechanical failure, adverse weather, road or traffic conditions.

  1. Please remember that some amenities (e.g. hotel lifts, swimming pools etc.) require servicing and cleaning and may not therefore be available at all times. Some services may be affected by weather conditions and their availability is entirely at the discretion of the provider of the service. Entertainment (particularly live entertainment) provided by hotels is frequently subject to demand and its nature and/or frequency may be varied if there is lack of demand or insufficient numbers staying in the hotel.
  2. Some excursion itineraries include the use of ferries and other forms of transport which can be affected by inclement weather, and may have to be cancelled or arrangements changed. Whenever possible a suitable alternative will be of fered.
  3. The published running times of services are estimates only and we will not be liable for any loss (however caused) arising from delay or failure to operate services in accordance with published timings.


In order to process your booking and to ensure that your travel arrangements run smoothly and meet your requirements we need to use the information you provide (such as name, address, any special needs/dietary requirements etc.) We take full responsibility for ensuring that proper security measures are in place to protect your information. We must pass the information on to the relevant suppliers of your travel arrangements such as hotels, transport companies etc. The information may also be provided to public authorities such as customs/ immigration if required by them, or as required by law. Additionally, where your holiday is outside the European Economic Area (EEA), controls on data protection in your destination may not be as strong as the legal requirements in this country. We will not however, pass any information onto any person not responsible for part of your travel arrangements. This applies to any sensitive information that you give to us such as details of any disabilities, or dietary requirements. (If we cannot pass this information to the relevant suppliers, whether in the EEA or not, we cannot provide your booking. In making this booking you consent to this information being passed on the relevant persons).


The Foreign & Commonwealth Travel Advice Unit may have issued information about your holiday destination. You are advised to check this information on BBC2 (Ceefax) page 470 onwards, or on the Internet at http://www.fco.gov.uk. Alternatively, you can contact the ABTA Information Department on 0901 202520 (calls charged at 35p per minute).


This brochure was published in Great Britain by Cairngorm Ski Services Limited trading as Cairngorm Travel, Goole, December 2014.


The Travellers Charter sets out clearly and simply the responsibilities which we have to you and which in turn you have to us when a contract is made between us. Your contract is with Cairngorm Ski Services Ltd trading as Cairngorm Travel who are members of ABTA and the coach transport used is all affiliated to the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT).


In this charter the Company shall mean Cairngorm Travel and the Passenger shall mean the persons being carried by Cairngorm Travel or persons for whom the Company makes any travel arrangements.



The Company is a member of ABTA and fully bonded. You can therefore be totally confident that in the unlikely event of our becoming insolvent there is a fund of money to repay you or repatriate you.


The completion of the Booking Form (by the customer or in the event of a telephone booking an employee of the Company on your behalf) and the payment of the deposit requested will indicate that an agreement to buy the holiday specified on that booking form has been requested. The Company will assume that the person completing the Booking Form has the authority to act on behalf of all the persons included on the Booking Form. Any person attempting to reserve a holiday should be aware of the binding nature of the contract conditions and should have read and understood them before signing the boo king form.


The Company’s acceptance of the booking shall be indicated by the issue of a Booking Confirmation normally within 14 days of the receipt by us of the Booking Form. This confirmation which contains all the relevant details of the holiday reserved will be sent directly to the address of the first named passenger on the Booking Form. It is the passengers’ responsibility to ensure that the details included on the Booking Confirmation meet with their requirements in every respect and to notify the Company immediately if that is not the case. By the issue of its Booking Confirmation the Company confirms its intention, subject to there being sufficient numbers of bookings for an economical operation, to provide you with the holiday as booked in accordance with the itinerary published in the brochure.


If you have any special requests, which are not included in the holiday price i.e. low floor or special diets etc., you MUST include this request on the Booking Form and ensure that it is noted on the Booking Confirmation when received. Your request will be passed on to the hotel(s) concerned, however we cannot guarantee that they will be able to comply. The Company will not therefore accept any booking which is conditional upon a special request being satisfied.


The Company guarantees that once you have received our booking confirmation the price of your holiday will not be increased to cover currency fluctuations. We do however reserve the right to vary brochure prices either upward or downward for that reason at any time prior to the issue of that document. Clients will be advised of any price differential at the time of booking. The price of a confirmed booking is subject to fluctuation either upward or downward only in respect of variations in transportation costs, including the cost of fuel, dues and taxes, or charges in respect of services such as landing taxes, embarkation and disembarkation fees at ports or airports. Even then the Company will absorb an amount equivalent up to 2% of the holiday price excluding insurance premiums and amendment charges. Should the value of any surcharge exceed 10% of the original holiday price you will be entitled to a) cancel the holiday and have refunded to you the full monies paid in respect of the holiday excluding amendment fees, b) to take a substitute holiday of equivalent or superior quality if we are able to offer you one, c) to take a substitute holiday of lower quality if we are able to offer you one and to recover from us the difference in price between the substitute and original holiday, d) to accept the price change. Should you decide to cancel for this reason you must exercise your right to do so within 14 days of your being notified of the value of the surcharge. No surcharges will be imposed for any reason within 30 days of the departure date of the holiday. Holiday prices have been calculated on exchange rates prevailing 1.2 euros to 1 pound Stirling (as at December 2014).


The Company maintains this emergency out of office telephone line which is manned 24 hours per day. The number is printed on your final travel details. This facility could be particularly helpful to passengers who experience a problem on the day of departure. Please make a note of this number and keep it safe, it could prevent unnecessary worry and hassle. During office hours, if you have any queries, please call the reservations hotline (01405 761334) which should be used to report any problem before or during the holiday.


The arrangements for your holiday are usually made many months in advance and changes are sometimes unavoidable. Most of these changes are likely to be minor and we and our representatives will endeavour to keep you informed. However, where before departure we have to alter significantly an essential term in this contract such as price, (if price changes are allowed in the contract), resort, quality of main hotel (not including overnight hotels on touring holidays), or tour itinerary changes involving a destination being eliminated, we will notify you of the change as soon as possible. In such circumstances you will be given the following options.

  1. to accept the changes to the contract
  2. to take a substitute holiday of equivalent or superior quality if we are able to offer you one.
  3. to take a substitute holiday of lower quality if we are able to offer you one and to recover from us the price difference between the substitute and original holidays
  4. to have repaid to you as soon as possible all the monies paid by you under the contract Period before departure within Compensation Per Person which a significant change is Notified to you.

Holiday of 7 days duration and over - More than 29 days - Nil, 15 - 28 Days - £15, 8 - 14 Days - £20, 0 - 7 Days £25.

Holiday of 6 days duration and under - More than 29 days - Nil, 15 - 28 Days - £10, 8 - 14 Days - £15, 0 - 7 Days £20.

Claims for additional compensation to cover specific losses incurred as a result of the enforced change will only be considered where such losses were foreseeable by both parties when the contract was formed. Compensation will not be payable if we are forced to in any way change your holiday due to unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all due care had been exercised


It is necessary in order to operate any holiday that a certain level of passenger numbers is achieved. If this number is not achieved before the balance due date the holiday may be cancelled and an alternative holiday offered. You will then have the choice of accepting this alternative or receiving a refund of all monies paid in respect of your booking. The Company guarantees that under no circumstances will the cost (including the discount) of any specific alternative holiday offered exceed that of the original holiday even though the alternative offered may be of superior quality.



By completing and signing a Booking Form by a customer, or in the event of a telephone booking by a Company employee on your behalf and paying the appropriate deposit you are binding all persons included on that form to the terms of the Travellers Charter. Deposits are based on the following:-


£50 per person (7 days or under)
£100 per person (Over 7 days)
Christmas & Hogmanay £100 per person


£50 per person for a holiday of 7 days or less
£100 per person for a holiday 8 days or more


The balance of the fare must be paid via mail, telephone or in person at least 10 weeks before the holiday departure date. This date will be clearly stated on your Booking Confirmation. Any booking received after the balance due date will require payment in full at the time of booking. If the balance is not paid by the due date we reserve the right to cancel the holiday and levy cancellation charges on the same scale as stated in the “if you cancel your holiday” section of this Charter.


You or any member of your party may cancel your holiday at any time provided that the information is conveyed in writing to the Company by the party signing the Booking Form. Any such cancellation will incur cancellation charges on the follow ing scale. Period before departure that Written cancellation is received Cancellation Charge as a % of the total holiday price.

More than 42 days Loss of deposit

28 - 42 days 30% of full cost or loss of deposit, whichever is greater
14 - 27 days 45% of full cost or loss of deposit, whichever is greater
7 - 13 days 60% of full cost or loss of deposit, whichever is greater
1 - 6 days 100% of full cost

Alternatively you have the right to transfer the booking to another person provided that they satisfy all the conditions applicable to the package and that you give the company at least 14 days notice of your intention to do so. Both you and the person to whom you transfer the booking will be responsible for payment of any outstanding monies and in addition there will be an administration fee of £25 for each person substituted.


Minor changes prior to the despatch of final travel details or 14 days prior to departure (whichever is sooner) such as additional requests, joining point amendments etc. necessitating the issue of a new Booking Confirmation will be allowed subject to the payment of £10 per person amendment fee. Within 14 days of departure or after the despatch of final travel details (whichever is sooner) we will attempt to accommodate minor changes at a cost of £25 per person, however no guarantee can be given. For major changes such as transfer to a different holiday or departure date after the balance due date we reserve the right to treat such changes as cancellations and levy the cancellation charges as set out in the “If you cancel your holiday” section of the contract.


If you have suffered from sickness or diarrhoea in the 48 hours prior to travelling please contact one of our reservations team, who will assist you.


In the unlikely event that you or any member of your party have cause for complaint about any aspect of your holiday, it is essential that our driver/courier or representative is informed immediately and given the opportunity of resolving the problem. If this is not possible it is compulsory that you must complete a “Holiday Report Form” available from your driver/courier or representative with full details of your complaint. You will be given a copy of this report and a reference number which should be quoted in any correspondence regarding the complaint which must be sent within 28 days of your return from holiday to the Public Relations Officer, Cairngorm Travel, 35 Aire Street, Goole East Yorkshire, DN14 5QW. The Company will attempt to settle any complaint amicably, if this is not possible then you may, if you wish, have the matter referred to arbitration under a separate scheme which though devised by arrangement with the Association of British Travel Agents is administered quite independently by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. The scheme provides for a simple and inexpensive method of arbitration on documents alone with restricted liability on the customer in respect of loss. The scheme does not apply to claims for an amount greater then £5000 per person or £25000 per booking, neither does it apply in respect of claims that are solely or mainly regarding physical injury or illness or the consequence of such injury and illness.


The attempt by any person to carry any illegal objects and substance will do so entirely at their own risk and they shall be held personally responsible for doing so with local police, customs and immigration.


Air and sea carriers have their own conditions of carriage and when you travel with them as part of your holiday you will also have a contract with them based upon those conditions which may permit them to limit their liability to you under national law or international convention. Copies of these conditions are available from the Company upon request.


You should ensure that you allow sufficient time (currently 8 weeks from posting correctly completed application forms) to apply for a passport.

  1. UK citizens travelling on holiday abroad must have a passport, valid for at least six months after the date of return, before they leave the UK. At present, visas are not required by holders of British Passports to any of the destination countries offered.
  2. Non-EC citizens: Holders of non-EC passports may well be subject to varying visa requirements for certain countries visited on our holidays, and they should check with their Travel Agent or with the appropriate embassies or consulates to ascertain any visa requirements and the likely time needed to obtain them. We cannot accept responsibility for a customer who is in difficulties because they do not have the correct travel documents with them. We strongly advise all customers to keep their passports securely on their person or locked in a hotel security safe throughout their holiday with us.
  3. E111: On all holidays to Member States of the EC it is advisable to carry a completed E111. This is available from the Post Office and entitles you to free or reduced cost emergency state medical treatment in the EC.
  4. At present there are no special health requirements, such as inoculations, for any of the European countries featured, for UK citizens. As health recommendations vary from time to time you should seek medical advice prior to departure on a Eur opean or Worldwide holiday.


If you are delayed on a coach tour for more than 6 hours in any one day we will do our best to reduce your discomfort by providing you with appropriate refreshments and meals where that is possible. Where you are delayed at the airport on either the outbound or return legs of the journey it is the responsibility of the airline to provide you with appropriate refreshments and meals. Note that your insurance policy may cover you in some circumstances in the event of delay in air travel.